Aromatherapy massage candle recipe


  • Ecosoya soy wax: 2.7 oz
  • Shea butter: 1 teaspoon
  • Avocado oil: 2 teaspoons
  • Your choice of essential oils, between 20 drops for a light scent and 60 drops for a stronger scent.


Prepare your working space and the jar with the candle wick.

There are two ways of inserting the wick in the candle. Some like to fix the wick with a drop of melted wax to the bottom of the jar, other say you can add the wick after pouring the wax. I prefer to have the wick in place steadily before pouring the wax mixture, as it is also best to pour the mixture when it is not entirely runny anymore, which gives you very little time to get the wick in place properly after the wax has been poured.

In a double boiler (au bain marie) melt the right amount of soy wax and avocado oil together.

Mix well. Shea butter doesn’t like heat – it tends to get grainy when heated, which is why you add it to the warm wax and oil after taking the mixture out of the double boiler.

Take off the heat, add the Shea butter and stir gently to make sure all the ingredients are blended.

Let the mixture cool a few minutes while stirring, and have your essential oil(s) ready. The reason the essential oils are added right before pouring, is because they are heat-sensitive and evaporate if the wax is still too hot.

Add the essential oils and allow another one or two minutes to blend the whole mixture, before pouring it into the glass jar.

Let your candle sit overnight and enjoy the scent of your creation in the morning!


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