How to Remove Dry Candle Wax From Carpet

Most wax stains aren’t permanent, even on carpet. Wax is easiest to remove after it has hardened, so there is no need to act immediately. However, it’s best to remove the wax within a few hours after it has hardened, otherwise temperature fluctuation in the room can cause the wax to melt and seep further into the carpet fibers, or even worse, it could be tracked into other areas.

Things You’ll Need

  • Plastic knife
  • Vacuum
  • Dry cleaning solvent
  • White cloths


1: Scrape up the harden wax with a plastic knife. Remove as much of the wax as possible, then vacuum up the pieces so they don’t get spread around.

2: Moisten a cloth with dry cleaning solvent or a spot remover formulated for grease stains. Blot the solvent onto the remaining wax stain until the area is saturated.

3: Blot up the solvent with a clean, white cloth. Avoid colored cloths, as they may transfer color to the carpet and make the stain worse. Reapply and blot up the solvent a second time if the stain is still visible.

4: Soak a clean cloth in cool water. Blot the stained area with the wet cloth so any remaining solvent is drawn out of the carpet.

5: Blot a final time with a dry cloth until the carpet is nearly dry. Vacuum the area to restore the nap to the carpet fibers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dry cleaning solvents and spot treatments are available where laundry detergents are sold.

  • If the wax is not hard, set a bag of ice cubes on it to speed the hardening process before you begin to clean.
  • Always test cleaning chemicals on a hidden area of the carpet first to make sure they don’t damage the fibers.


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