The Most Popular Candle Scents

Scented candles have become a staple in many modern households. However, the appeal of these decorative knickknacks might have more to do with sensuality and escapism than freshening up a room. Industry experts claim certain scents evoke feelings of calm, creativity and even adventure. When it comes to the best-selling aromas, however, some scents are more popular than others

Outdoor Scents

  • A group of popular scents in the candle industry are the outdoor aromas. According to the National Candle Association, scents like fresh air, green grass, the beach and water all provide people with the positive associations of warm weather and vacation. Industry experts also note these scents may be more popular in the winter when people are cooped up inside more often.

Citrus Scents

  • Citrus scents are another popular category in the scented candle industry. The National Candle Association claims that citrus scents can remind people of a clean house, since many cleaning products have citrus fragrances. Bright, cheerful and crisp, citrus candles can appeal to a broad range of scent preferences and are therefore popular with many people.

Food and Sugar Scents

  • Whether it’s Belgium waffles or sugar cookies, the scents of sugar and sweet foods also are popular with many noses. According to Mei Xe, founder of Chesapeake Bay Candles, warm and cozy smells like vanilla, pumpkin or brown sugar are comforting and remind people of happy times, such as holidays or birthdays. Xe also notes that the economic downturn might have made these feel-good scents more popular.

Spa or Zen Scents

  • The spa and zen scents are catching on with consumers. These scents, such as mint, sandalwood, green tea or lavender, may evoke feelings of relaxation and indulgence. The National Candle Association says these scents may be mood enhancing and soothing, which could make them more popular in salons, massage clinics, doctor’s offices and spas.


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