How To Choose The Best Scented Candle for Your Mood

Scent uplifts our spirit. It could help relieve stress, anxiety, anger, and depression.

Many choose the kind of perfume or cologne they love! If you feel like being sweet for today, you could try apple berry scent, strawberry, candy, cherry, bubblegum or vanilla. If you choose to be courageous, you could try aqua, rain, or woody scent. If you want to stay fresh, you could try the scents of spring, summer, sunshine or citrus. In general, scent tells what kind of person we are.

In this article, we are not going to talk about perfumes or colognes. Let’s make that scent more soothing, romantic and special. Let’s talk about scented candles and how to choose the best scents to flow your mood.

As we all know, candles are part of religious rites used by Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslim and many other religions as a part of their worship service. During the B.C. years, tallow is the most common ingredient used in making a candle. However nowadays, paraffin is the main ingredient used by many until it is discovered that candles can’t just be an ordinary candle but a special one by adding scents that really attract candle lovers.

Candle lovers don’t just buy candle for worship or as a light to their home. Candles can be a fabulous and elegant home decor we could display in the four walls of our house. Apart from that, they also add aroma to calm our physical body and mind.

Scented candles come in many different smells. Here are some popular scents that could help you choose find the one that is best for you.

LAVENDER: This is the most popular among all scents that the candle have. It reduces stress and gives a sense of peacefulness.

CITRUS: Elevates the mood and adds freshness to the entire room.

JASMINE: The sweet smell of jasmine counters anger and relieves emotional and mental stress.

FLORAL: The smell of flowers gives a romantic feeling to everyone who smells it.

GINGER: Gives a scent of healing and confidence of mind.

ROSE: Decreases stress and gives a romantic feeling.

CINNAMON: Reduces emotional fatigue.

VANILLA: The sweet scent of vanilla adds calmness and happiness to the entire room.

Truly, scents bring magic for it changes our mood. If you haven’t tried lighting a scented candle in your room, you could try one and feel the magic of every scent.


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