Sandalwood & Meditation

Sandalwood essential oil will take meditation to new levels. Meditation and essential oils has a long history and association with being a spiritual ritual.

Sandalwood was carved into furniture, temples and religious icons, and burned in Buddhist and Hindu temples. Just deeply inhale the oil and you can smell the ancient wisdom of a deep, woody essential oil.

To make meditation more than just sitting down and rubbing oil on your forehead, create a ritual. Ritual gives meditation deeper meaning.

Ask yourself, what is the energy in the room/area where I choose to meditate. Creating a sacred space may mean finding a room/area (inside or outside) where you can be close to divine spirit.

To create sacred space, especially if you have limited room, mix a few drops of frankincense and/or lemon with filtered water into a spray bottle. Spray the area, and set the intent of a sacred space. If you do not have a spray bottle you may use an oil burner with a sandalwood tealight candle. You may also use Sandalwood Candles as they act and add as a sedative and aphrodisiac.

You can also add the oils to an essential oil diffuser. The oils may be diffused prior or during meditation.

Give yourself sacred time as sandalwood essential oil can help to realign mind, body and spirit. Place a drop of sandalwood onto the third eye chakra. If you use therapeutic grade essential oil, sandalwood can also be used for wrinkles and perfect for natural perfume.

Add sacred meaning to feel grounded and be in the present. Sandalwood will take you there. You can place sandalwood on the other chakras.

Sandalwood has also been reported to assist to find spiritual purpose, clarifying the mind and helping through periods of fear.

Record your insights in a journal and carry sandalwood with you when you need to have a mini-meditation.

The benefits of meditation are enhanced with the use of essential oils. Start by including a drop or two into your session and experience the amazing transformation.

Can Sandalwood Help with Pure Weight Loss?

Sandalwood essential oil can assist with the negative feelings associated with obssessive dieting. It allows you to surrender to divine will that will help with pure weight loss. It can stop obssessional attitudes and compulsions around food. Use the above meditation to change your focus.

Other Oils for Meditation

The following oils can be used to make a blend. Choose oils that you feel drawn to. Hold the bottle, close your eyes and feel the vibration of the oil.

  • Ylang ylang essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil

Feel the difference that therapeutic grade sandalwood essential oil will make to your meditation.

Tantric Sex

If you are interested in tantric sex and meditation, sandalwood oil is only one of two essential oils that can be used during sex including all areas of the body.

Sandalwood is such a profoundly spiritual oil on all levels. Experiment with it for new insights and taking you to places you may have never been before! Enjoy!


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