Halloween Candle Craft

With Halloween just around the corner, The haunted holiday offers unique opportunities for decorating with crazy colors, spooky characters and fun sayings.

We used one of those perfect Halloween sayings on a grouping of three candles, which have since been dubbed the “boo” candles. These are fairly inexpensive, but it depends on the price of the candles and the pins.


• Three pillar candles (or more for other sayings)

• Box of colored rounded head straight pins

• Computer/printer for fonts and templates

• Wire cutter

• Scissors

• Matte knife

Step by step

1 Start your candle project at your computer. Open a word-processing document, and select a font for your Halloween saying. Remember, you’re going to have to duplicate each letter in pin heads. Some can be tricky.

2 Once you’ve selected your font and sized it for your candles, print it and cut out the letters individually. Use pins to hold the letters in place, especially at key points.

3 Now, inscribe the letters’ outlines into the candle wax. You may use a matte knife, or just use a pin, pierced through the paper and wax along the lines to create your markings.

4 When you remove the letter, the markings will be faint but visible enough to follow with the pins.

5 Before inserting pins into the candle, take a wire cutter and cut the pins down to about a half-inch. There is a technique to pushing the pins into the candles; slower is better so as not to cause cracking. We did get some cracking when we hurried, but we were able to hide it under other pins. You may actually like the look of the cracking if you’re using a scary saying.

6 Keep the pin heads as close together as possible and follow your markings. Fill in areas with lines as straight as you can. You may have to exaggerate in an area or two because of the pin heads’ width.

Day or night, your “boo” candles will delight. And, with the new dripless candles, you could keep your creation for years to come.


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