Top 8 Candle fragrances & what they mean

Did you know various scents can trigger an array of emotions in people to make them feel happy, energized or even to help them relax.

Here are eight different scents and their known benefits to your mind, body and soul.

1- Vanilla: In old medical literature, vanilla is described as an aphrodisiac and a remedy for fevers. It is also found very often in oils used for aromatherapy.

2- Lavender Lavender throughout history has been highly regarded for different medical and helpful purposes including relieving headaches, repelling insects and aiding sleep. A recent study on lavender has found that due to the high percentage of linalool and linalyl acetate found in lavender, it can efficiently alleviate anxiety and sleep disturbances.

3- Sweet Basil and Citrus- Recent studies have found that compounds in basil have potent antioxidant, anticancer, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. In additional, basil has been used for years as a supplementary treatment for stress, asthma and diabetes. Citrus is known to energise the mind and body making it a perfect combination for this candle.

4- Coconut and Lime This fresh, vibrant scent is guaranteed to energise the body and the mind and put a positive spin on any day.

5- Thyme & Sandalwood- Sandalwood is a relaxant with sensual properties, perfect for a balmy evening with your beloved partner. Thyme goes hand in hand as it improves circulation to keep you feeling fit and healthy.

6- Ginger and Walnut- Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries. It works wonders in treatments for everything from cancer to migraines. It is also a fantastic remedy for morning sickness, motion sickness, heartburn, cold and flu prevention and reducing pain and inflammation.

7- Orange and Bergamot- Bergamot is a citrus fruit the size of an orange that is used in aromatherapy, to treat depression and as a digestive aid. Recently it has also been found to reduce excitotoxic damage to cultured human neuronal cells and may therefore have neuroprotective properties.

8- Patchouli & Musk- Patchouli is a scent that assists in relieving fear and anxiety. It also can help with shyness, relieve stress and tension, and it is very calming.

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