The Smell of Romance in the Air

The air on Valentine’s Day really does not care if you are single or part of a couple. On that day, the smell of romance in the air will inevitably triple. Whether you are with someone else or alone with yourself, the best way to rev up your Valentine’s date is to buy some scented candles and add romance to an already romantic evening.

Certainly, there are many types of candles being sold today, from wax candles to gel candles in different sizes and shapes. You can use different candles in different romantic ways, it all depends on your mood and imagination.

* Light up the bathtub

Using candles to light up the bathtub is one classic Valentine romantic tradition that has its roots in Hollywood and its offer of uber-romantic or cheesy scary flicks. Pick up clues from these movies and surprise yourself or partner by filling the bathtub with water and put in some lighted floating candles. Add some rose petals to boot. Alternatively, you can put some pillar candles or other candle types on the side of the tub. (So you can and your partner can slip in the tub.)

For maximum effect, buy the triple-scented candles. The scent of these candles will not go away with the bathtub steam or the steamy bathtub.

* Make your romantic dinner more romantic

A glass of champagne and fancy dinner will not be complete without candles completing the picture. Do not wait to be seated in a fancy restaurant, buy some candle sticks and cook fancy dinner. (Just make sure you’re a good cook though or are good at following recipes.)

Arrange your dining room so that it looks cozier than on other days. Don’t forget to play soft music.

* As a Valentine gift

Candles are also classic Valentine gifts as much as chocolates and flowers are. The best candle gift sets are definitely the highly scented ones. Buy an aroma therapy set for someone who needs cheering up. You can also buy heart-shaped or rose-shaped candles as an alternative to roses, which become scandalously expensive on Valentine’s Day. Then again, a candle gift set is an ideal gift for practically any occasion. Just make sure that, like any other gift, your candles are beautifully presented and have matching ribbons.

Apart from aroma therapy sets, you can also get tumbler-and refill-candle gift sets, which are definitely a classic. When you buy a candle gift set, take note of the scents. Some candle sets have food scents like blueberry cheesecake, baked apple pie and carrot cake. Still, others have the floral scents. There are also candles that are coffee-scented or are shaped as chocolate mugs. On the other hand, other gift sets have different shapes and sizes to delight candle lovers.

If you are close to the person you are giving a gift to, it is safe to venture into buying something that he or she loves, like coffee-scented candles (for coffee lovers), or food scented candles (for food lovers). But to be safe, go for the classic floral scents.


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