Benefits of having a Windchime in your Home

Wind chimes have been employed in a number of uses, including warding off spirits, welcoming guests, and producing music. Wind chimes are traditionally hung outside a house on a porch, deck or balcony.

  • Though metal is the most common material used for making wind-chimes; shells, pottery, wood, and stone have also been used by artisans.
  • Many homeowners use wind chimes as a feng shui element to foster good luck.
  • Among the more famous uses of wind chimes as musical instruments was their inclusion in certain Beatles songs.
  • In addition to being beautiful to see and hear, wind chimes have been practically used to warn sailors of shifts in weather patterns.

Health Benefits

  • Listening to wind chimes is believed to reduce stress and promote relaxation and calmness. Their sounds are considered to have a healing effect on body and mind. They relieve fatigue and encourage listening, creativity and upbeat feelings.
  • The tones that reverberate through the wind chimes are believed to unblock emotional stress and bring a feeling of inner peace and conscious awareness. Listening to wind chimes also creates a sense of balance in one’s life.

Wind chimes make wonderful home and garden decor, but also, their soothing sounds bring harmony and balance to life.


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