Benefits of Fragrance Reed Diffusers

There are many benefits of reed diffusers over other means of adding a wonderful fragrance to your home and many people believe that there is no better way to fragrance your living space than a reed diffuser.

With a reed diffuser all you need are the reeds themselves, a jar or container and the fragrant oil – the reeds will last a long time before they become blocked – and then only if you permit them to dry out.

Reed Diffusers use no energy, except perhaps the natural warmth of your room. The liquid fragrance essential oil is poured into a bottle or a jar, often beautifully designed and crafted just for this purpose, and a number of reeds are placed into the bottle. Reed diffusers use proper reeds such as rattan canes, with a spongy inside that absorbs the oil. Many try the same thing with bamboo canes or twigs, but it doesn’t work because the reed must contain capillaries that suck up the oil, which itself is a light essential oil that can be drawn up the reeds by capillary action and then evaporated at room temperature into your home.

The benefits of reed diffusers over the other type of diffusers are that they do not need electricity and they last longer than candles. There is no problem with living flames when you have young children and pets in your home, and they look a lot better than their electrical counterparts do. You can leave them all night and they will work continuously with no danger from a flame or electricity.

For those who use them, the benefits of reed diffusers far outweigh any disadvantages they may offer, although it is difficult to think of one. They are inexpensive, look fabulous and modern and the fragrance they provide to your home is simply magnificent.

For more information on home fragrances, including candles, scented candles and reed diffusers check out the online Scented Candle Store where you will find not only lovely reed diffusers but also a large number of quality scented candles that will enhance both the look and smell of your home.


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