Fathers Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Dad Smile

Fathers Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Dad Smile


We’ve got some great gift ideas for Father’s Day. Your dad doesn’t want another tie. Of course, he appreciated the last one; he is a Gentleman, after all. But he doesn’t want another tie. And no, he’s not going to tell you what not to give him, either. This Father’s Day, give him what he really wants. 

At Kharma Creations, we offer a variety of Father’s Day gift items to help show dad just how special he is to you.

The Party Dad

Motor Enthusiast Dad

Low on a budget? Here are some free ideas:

  • Housework or Yardwork. What chores does dad tackle on the weekends? Give your father a weekend off by taking care of his chores for him.
  • A home cooked meal. Maybe your family doesn’t get together for meals often anymore. If that’s the case, offering dad his favorite home cooked meal with the whole family around the table.
  • Time together. Of course, whatever you do for dad this Father’s Day, be sure it involves spending some time together, either on the day of or on a day near Father’s Day. Go to the park. Play a few rounds of golf. Relax on the porch together. Guaranteed, just spending time with you will be the best gift dad gets this year.

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